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Moze Breeze Two Hookah

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Moze Breeze Hookahs are high end made in Germany.
  • One Hookah - Four Different Purge Options:  Thanks to the new,  protected and innovative blow-out system of  the Moze Breeze Two, it is possible to set up your own Breeze again and again before smoking and
    to choose between four different blow-out variants.
  •  The first option is the classic variant, which is already known from the first generation Moze Breeze, in which smoke is blown from the base in the direction of the coal plate. To do this, the blow-out element is simply placed on the base.
  •  The second variant is blowing out below the coal plate in the direction of the bowl of the shisha. In this case, the blowout element of the shisha is placed below the coal plate.
  •  The third possibility to blow the smoke out of the bowl of the Moze Breeze Two is that the smoke shoots out above the head and makes the head disappear in smoke. For this purpose, the blow-out element is screwed onto the larger plate and the head adapter is screwed to the blow-out ring (without placing the second carbon plate between the two parts).
  •  If, on the other hand, the second carbon plate is screwed between the blow-out element and the head adapter, the smoke emerges from the gap between the two carbon plates.
  •  Cutted Downstem:  Another special feature of the Moze Breeze Two is the designed immersion tube. There are already too many boring immersion tubes without a design. Thanks to the X-cuts in the immersion tube, the immersion tube of the Moze Breeze Two stands out from the crowd. 

  •  Dettachable diffuser:  The diffuser of the Moze Breeze Two is removable and screwable on both sides. This makes it easy for you to decide whether you want to hear soft or loud noises when smoking. If you opt for the loud bubbling of the pipe, we recommend screwing the diffuser with the holes towards the base so that it is not misplaced. 

  •   Lasered Plates:  The charcoal plates of the Moze Breeze Two are both lasered, the lasered pattern distinguishes the charcoal plates from conventional ones.

  •  + LINE Products:  As with the first generation Breeze, we offer additional products for customizing your Moze Breeze Two. With the + LINE products you can let your imagination run free. In addition to the mouthpiece extension, which extends the mouthpiece, there are sleeve sets in all available Moze Breeze Two colors, so that you can always design your Breeze Two individually thanks to the different colors. These each contain the mouthpiece sleeve and the smoke column sleeve. The + LINE products are constantly being expanded so that the Breeze Two never gets boring!
  • Height: approx. 40cm without head
  • Diameter (large charcoal plate): 16cm
  • Material: stainless steel, POM, epoxy resin / acrylic resin
  • Bowl (glass)
  • Diffuser (stainless steel)
  • Immersion tube (stainless steel)
  • Base (POM)
  • Smoke column core (stainless steel)
  • Smoke column sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
  • Discharge element (stainless steel)
  • Coal plate 1 (stainless steel)
  • Charcoal plate 2 for top plate purge (stainless steel)
  • Head adapter (stainless steel)
  • 2-part mouthpiece (stainless steel)
  • Mouthpiece sleeve (acrylic / epoxy resin)
  • Bowl seals (2 sizes) (silicone)
  • Head gasket (silicone)



Attention :  Small inclusions (e.g. air) in the glass (bowl) cannot be excluded due to the production by hand and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint. The epoxy resin components (smoke column and mouthpiece) may differ from the product image, as each is unique.



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