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Mya Acrylic Hookah

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MYA Acrylic Hookah

This Acrylic Hookah gives a new experience, a new look and new approach to  hookahs. At 24″ tall, it features a virtually indestructible screw-on base, eliminating the need for base grommets. The base design collects more smoke to insure a superior smoking experience with its clear base and circular colors. These acrylic hookahs are sturdy and durable, making them perfect for smoking with friends in a lounge. It features a solid brass stem that helps to give the best hookah smoking experience. This hookah can be converted into a 4 hose hookah by utilizing Hose adaptors that contain the auto-seal system. The auto-seal system eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users. The Acrylic comes with sturdy blue Mya Hookah box with handle, tongs, and matching hose.


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