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Mya Bijou

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When you think of the age-old tradition of hookah, you think back to ancient times. MYA’s BIJOU is a homage to the Egyptian culture and the belief that there is power in a name. Much as the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to etch names of those to never be forgotten, we know the BIJOU is sure to make a lasting impression. This compact hookah comes in at 9” tall and weighs roughly just over a pound. When your new BIJOU arrives, it will come standard with a black matte stem, a matching MYA hose and burner to your base choice, a standard MYA plate, and MYA tongs. The BIJOU is a portable hookah and will quickly become your go-to hookah for any social setting. A sleek and understated conversation starter the BIJOU is an opulent addition for anyone from novice to the avid collector.

Item Specifications:

  • Black Matte Stem
  • 9” tall fully assembled
  • Can be customized for up to two hoses
  • 5 different base colors
    • Grey
    • Dark Blue
    • Olive Green
    • Amber
    • Sky Blue
  • Comes with:
    • Matching leather hose
    • Matching burner
    • Base
    • Stem
    • Tongs
  • Weighs roughly 1 pound without water
  • Portable hookah

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