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MYA Helix Hookah

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The Mya Helix hookah features unique design and true hookah pipe innovation. Featuring a sturdy glass base and a six-foot long washable Mya hose, where the Helix really stands out is its shaft and cap design. 

The chrome cap features a big grommet that seals perfectly with the base, and the purge valve is on top, ensuring the bb always settles correctly during purging. The included hookah bowl features a built-in screen which removes the need to use and prepare foil; if a different bowl is desired, it can be attached using a threaded Mya adapter.

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MYA Helix Hookah

Type: Push-On

One Hose

Total Height (from glass base to top of bowl): 14"

Base Height: 12"

Hose Length: 72”

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