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Hookah John


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Narbish in Arabic means Hose. Now, this isn't any hose for smoking hookah, this is a Premium Egyptian Washable Hookah Hose with a detachable mouthpiece. Now that was a mouthful so let's just call it Narbish. 75 inches long from tip to end, wide guage, and completely washable.

The new Narbish Hose (2017 version) is here! This redesigned for 2017 Narbish features new design elements you have been asking for. It's still fully washable but the hose port handle has now been removed at the request of you, the fans! The Narbish Hose is perfect for you if you're looking for a hose that's washable while still featuring a classic design. The golden or white threading at the tip of the handle adds a unique look while retaining the classic design. These are wide beast hoses!

Available in 5 colors with gold or silver striping (White hose only comes in Gold striping), grab your favorite color and enjoy a truly unique hose built for you!

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