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Narine Coconut Charcoal

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Narine®  is a premium quality charcoal product that comes from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Youthful at heart, Narine is a well established brand that caters to customers seeking top-quality products they need, and certainly deserve.


“Narine” [pronounced Na-reen] is a feminine name that has the three letter n-a-r root, which forms “Nar”, arabic for fire. In Arabic naming and etymology, Narine is a description of a woman that is powerful, sophisticated, and smart; a name that has greek and mogul roots. Narine is a powerful and very popular name that is widely used among Arabs, Turks, and Persians.

Narine products are therefore aptly named as a powerful, sophisticated product with an entity of pure fire!


The Product

Narine is made from 100% coconut shells. Production ingredients include no inferior natural or raw materials such as soft lumber, shrubs, or saw dust. Narine products are also free of any unnatural ingredients such as brown coal, mineral carbon, borax, sodium nitrate, limestone or any other additive. That’s why we called Narine a green product.

Narine premium charcoal briquettes are cut with precision, producing highly quality cubes that burn quicker and last longer.

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