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BLACKCOCO's Hookah Coals

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BLACKCOCO's is a distinguished brand in the hookah realm, acclaimed for their top-notch charcoal. While they offer a variety of coals, their coconut charcoal is particularly popular. Here are some additional details about these coals:

  1. Constitution: Manufactured from 100% natural coconut shell, BLACKCOCO's hookah coals are environmentally friendly, utilizing a renewable and sustainable resource. They are free of any chemicals, sulphur, or accelerants, ensuring a clean, steady burn.

  2. Functionality: These coals are praised for their impressive heat output and long-lasting burn time, typically ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. They also generate less ash than many other brands, which leads to less frequent cleaning.

  3. Ignition: Similar to most natural coals, they need a specific kind of heat source, typically an electric coil burner, for proper lighting. Though they might take a bit longer to ignite compared to quick-light coals, many users believe the superior quality of smoke and flavor justifies the additional time.

  4. Flavor Preservation: As these coals originate from coconut shells, they do not introduce any extra flavors to the smoke, thereby allowing the original flavor of the shisha to remain unaltered.

  5. Shape and Size: BLACKCOCO's hookah coals are typically available in cube or flat shapes. Cubes generally last longer and are ideal for larger bowls, while flats might be more suited for smaller bowls or certain heat management devices.

Remember safety: Always handle lit coals with suitable coal tongs to prevent burns, and ensure you have good ventilation when using a hookah.


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