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native charcoal

Native Charcoal 108pcs

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We are the only brand to use 100% pressed coconut husks, contrary to other brands claims. Most brands will use fillers such as wood and sawdust to cut costs, which causes lack of performance and odors. Native Charcoal coconut hookah coals are Eco-friendly. Coconut coals have recently become more popular among hookah smokers because of their great benefits.

  • 108 pieces per 1.5 KGS box and are cut in cubes –
  • Coals Last for over 2 hours, increasing the length of your session and saving you money!
  • 100% Organic made from Coconut Husks
  • No chemicals or additives!
  • No Sulphur
  • Odorless, tasteless, & smokeless
  • Larger coals means less hassle and more time smoking! No need to replace coals as often.
  • Must be lit over open flame or coil burner
  • No trees harmed in the manufacturing of this product

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