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Oduman N2 - Gold

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  • Oduman N2 Gold Edition Glass Hookah

    The Oduman N2 Gold edition glass hookah now available at your favourite hookah vendor! Designed and manufactured in the region of hookah origins, this Turkish hookah is designed to please the eyes and fulfil you shisha craving to satisfaction. The Oduman N2 gold edition is designed out of a clear glass base with titanium coated stainless steel stem and tray and comes as a complete set of a medical grade silicone hose attached to a stainless handle and an LED interchangeable light dock. With the Oduman N2 hookah gold edition, show off your thick smoke clouds while setting the mood with your LED light coster! Oduman hookahs are well known for their unique hookah design and strong thick glass walls to prevent cracking or damage. Pick up your Oduman N2 Gold Edition Glass Hookah today at Oxide Hookah! 

    What Are The Dimensions of the Oduman N2 Golden Edition Glass Hookah?

    What are the dimensions you ask? Good question. Below are the exact dimensions of the Oduman N2 Gold Titanium Coated Glass Hookah! 

Oduman N2 Glass Hookah Gold Edition Specifications

  • Diameter: 7 Inches Wide
  • Height: 12 Inches Tall
  • Weight: 3.5 KG


What Other Features Does The Oduman N2 Gold Edition Include?

The Oduman N2 Golden Glass Hookah includes a built-in stem diffuser to help quiet down the bubble effect when smoking. The built-in hookah diffuser also helps enable a smoother session for more enjoyable flavour. The glass designed for the Oduman N2 gold edition is the thickest in volume known to-date within the hookah industry to prevent any fractures or cracks. The weight of the hookah is 3.5 KG in total which says something massive about the quality design of this beautiful glass and limited edition hookah.

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