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Pharaoh's Hookahs

Pharaoh's Nubia Hookah

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Pharaohs Nubia Hookah
 Pharaohs Nubia Hookah, standing at 12 inches tall this little guy has some style. This small modern hookah can utilize a single hose, and contains multiple threaded sections making traveling a breeze. The Pharaohs Nubia hookah is crafted from stainless steel, allowing you to enjoy a full flavor smoke with each session. Let's see what else is in store with this one foot hookah.

Nubia Hookah Design

The Nubia features a mid shaft that contains a couple flared sections with engraved lines. The exterior finish of the hookah is a matte black color with a rough powder coated finish, and you won't have to worry about any stains or polishing with this type of coating.

Once you make it down to the central hub, you'll find a smooth finished stamp with the Pharaohs logo in gold. The ridge design around the base serves a purpose, taking a looking behind these lines you'll see the threaded base section. This allows for a tight seal with no air leaks, and it allows for an ease in movement when your hookah is already setup and you want to move it around.

All About That Base
The Nubia hookah has 6 color options available for the included base, and they are all unique with a great amount of thickness. As the smoke fills these bases the color begins to pop even more, and thanks to the fine tuned purge valve, clearing the base can be accomplished with a single breath.

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