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Pharaoh's Hookahs

Pharaoh's Pyramid Hookah

  • $ 79.99

The Pharaohs Pyramid hookah took a step in a different direction when it came to the exterior finish, and the choice was to use a rough powder coat finish. The almost matte black finish doesn't show stains, and it is very easy to clean in between session without the fear of scratching or chipping any paint. This exterior coat adds to the modern look of this hookah, and you won't have to worry about any sort of polishing or upkeep.

The central hub of this mini hookah features a Pharaoh's logo stamp, and contains a great bonus for when friends show up to smoke. This main hub allows you to add on an extra hose for the friend that never brings their setup, the pharaohs auto-seal adapter can easily be equipped with the threaded valve design. The Pyramid contains a couple threaded sections throughout the hookah, making it even easier for you to take this mini beast everywhere you go. 

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