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Ros bowl

Ros Hookah Bowl

  • $ 29.99

About Pinnacale

Pinnacale Bowl, combined the elegance of clay from all over the world with great quality of glaze to become a handmade Pinnacale Bowl.

Pinnacale is a stylish bowl to decorate your hookah and increase your puff experience. It is one of the best-looking bowls we offer as ROS. Pinnacale Bowl offers heat management that can improve your hookah experience.

In addition to this, ROS a special formula in our clay mixture that washing with milk. In this way, will not give up on the delicious taste of your hookah tobacco. It is worth noting that Pinnacale Bowl is a completely handmade product.


  • For All tobacco types
  • For multiple flavors
  • Funnel design
  • Handcrafted
  • With glaze
  • Ölçüler gelecek


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