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sahara smoke


  • $ 299.99

step into my office…

enter the boss, the new brass executive hookah is now available exclusively from forget what you’ve heard because the game has changed, the executive hookah boasts a 100% all brass forged stem heavy enough to smash your old stem flat. there is no welding done on these beautiful works of art.

each stem comes in a custom carved wooden box complete with a hand hammered solid screw on brass tray, and brass tongs. there will only be 1000 of these beasts ever made, so don't wait or it will be too late!

it’s time to grow up, be a professional…and make the executive decision.

*vases are hand blown glass, product may vary from picture.* *disclaimer- be careful to not strip threading on coal tray, gently screw on and do not force or overtighten, or damage might occur.*

sahara smoke executive hookah
glass vase
high-grade metal stem
charcoal tray
grommet set
custom carrying box

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