Space Smoke

Space Smoke Paste 125 grams

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Space Smoke is an innovative mineral-based hookah mix in paste format. A product that has no analogues in Russia and abroad.

Contents of the paste include natural ingredients of
the highest quality.

We found a new way of
looking at a hookah mix.
We’ve developed an innovativemineral base and perfected it in order to replace traditional tobacco. It provided a number of benefits.

Natural adsorbent consists of 100% natural minerals, shredded to microscopic particles. It ensures theperfect flavor representation.

We use purified glycerol (99%) to produce the hookah paste. It allowed us to achieve a perfect consistency and a lot of smoke.

We use nature-identical flavoring substances from the major premium European producers.

The paste is tobacco-free. We use natural liquid nicotine naturally extracted from Burley tobacco leaves to produce Space Smokepaste.

Advantages of the Space Smoke hookah paste
The paste has been developed andtested for 2 years by Russiantechnologists from Tomsk.

Heat resistance

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