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Starbuzz Hookahs

Starbuzz Atlantis Ice American Made Hookah

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The Starbuzz Atlantis Ice hookah is the newest member to the Starbuzz "Made in America" hookah collection. Since the original release of this collection in 2014, these hookah shafts have done nothing but leave the market speechless with their superior craftsmanship.

This brand new model features a built-in ice chamber underneath the bowl port. The benefit of this chamber allows for colder smoke to enter the base, leaving you with a chilled and smoother smoke. The finely crafted ice chamber is designed to prevent any melted ice from entering your stem, and at the end of your session all you need to do is empty it.

The all USA made Starbuzz Atlantis Ice shaft is brimming with innovative features that will take your hookah smoking to a whole new level. Stands 24 inches.

Starting with the finish, Starbuzz USA-made stems feature heavy-duty anodizing, ensuring that your hookah stem will be scratch-resistant and stay looking new. This prevents rust from building up over exposed welds or scratches in the metal. When these stems are painted, they feature nothing but the finest automotive quality hard-baked paints.

These units each feature their own serial number, a tribute to the hand-care and quality that goes into each unit.

The hubs are unique too, and (unlike their Chinese-made counterparts) share no common chambers. One benefit of this is that you cannot blow out the purge port ball-bearing. Also, the purge port and hose port easily screw in, and are anodized/painted to match the stem.

Perhaps the finest feature of the Starbuzz USA-Made hookah stem is the surgical grade down-stem. Made using the highest-grade steel, the Starbuzz down-stem is completely resistant to ghosting. Want to change flavors? All you'll need to do is rinse out the stem, no scrubbing necessary. This super-clean smoke system also produces some amazingly big clouds.

Even the tray is unique and innovative. The anodizing prevents your tray from becoming burnt and discolored, and the grooves will keep your charcoal from rolling around.

Capping it all off, your Starbuzz USA-Made Stem comes with a 5-year guarantee.
Includes grommets.


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