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Starbuzz Hookahs

Starbuzz SB H1

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SB-H1 is a complete hookah stem made with aerospace-grade aluminum 6061, which houses a full-length, top-to-bottom, 304 stainless steel down-stem.

This single-pipe down-stem eliminates air leaks and allows for effortless cleaning and assembly.

Includes an FDA-approved silicone hose

with a color-coordinated, matching hookah hose handle.




se-v1 is a color-coordinated, exclusively embossed glass vase designed to complement the SB-11 Hookah System.

Together, the complete system consists of a streamlined, aerospace-grade aluminum stem design packaged with matching and color-coordinated accessories, making for an low-maintenance set-up with a stunning display.

For an optimal experience,

it is recommended to fill the SB-V1 vase with water to the line indicated.

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