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Starbuzz Serpent Tobacco 200G

  • $ 18.99

Starbuzz Serpent Tobacco Is a new line by Starbuzz.

A mystery in each bag.

Dark Molases Tobacco.


After Burner: Banana,Coconut twist with mint

Cobra Khan - Blueberry flavor with mint

Crimson Fox - Flavors of peach and berries

Bohemian - Gum Flavor

Crow - Lemon Mint

Gee Spot -Vanilla with a touch of cinnamon

Kings Tea - Earl Grey

Mad Dog - Citrusy flavors with mint 

Lioness - Strawberry Cream

Megawatt - Lemonade

Rogue - Honeydew

New Amsterdam - Creamy Orange

Shishi - Floral notes

Skull -Licorice taste

Sting Mint - Name speaks for itself

Teabet - Cup Of Tea

Kathmandu - Pretty much berries

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