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The future is here! Elite hookah brings you a revolution in hookah smoking. The new Glider Bowl from Elite Hookah is the first of its kind, combining ingenuity and quality craftsmanship to bring you a hookah bowl like no other.

Designed by hookah professionals, the most unique feature of this bowl is its easy glide drawer. The drawer is divided into two compartments created to easily fill with one or more of your favorite tobacco. You will be able to pack a hookah bowl with ease. The charcoal burns evenly on the removable aluminum bi-vent lid. The bowl itself is made from space age platinum silicone that stays cool to the touch, so you will never burn your hands. The naturally snug bowl requires no grommet and fits perfectly on any hookah. There is no need for those sticky messes and worn out rubber grommets.

You’ll never need another bowl again. So don’t settle for less, choose the best. The Glider Bowl by Elite Hookah.

Pack a bowl – Light a coal – And enjoy the most relaxing hookah experience that only the Elite Glider Bowl can offer.


  • Gliding Drawer
  • 2 tobacco compartments
  • Aluminum Lid - No foil needed
  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Won't break


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