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Hookah John

The Flaca Hose

  • $ 42.99

What is the Flaca hose you ask?

With so many hoses on the market, great and not so great, HookahJohn has brought you yet one more great option.

This hose handle is over 15 inches long and just under and inch in diameter. The total length when you add the included soft touch silicone hose is 75 inches. The hose adapter will fit just about all hookahs with a grommet, yet fits a SAOCCA Hookah without the need for one.

This is a thinner version of the Knurl hose

The handle is made from food grade aluminum.

This is the full set up, including handle, silicon hose, and hose adapter.

Check out the video for an up-close view and comparison to other hoses available.

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