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The Flare Glass Hookah

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Vapor Glass Hookahs have revolutionized the age old form of Shisha smoking by creating an all glass Hookah concept that offers improved functionality and performance while maintaining an enjoyable and contemporary smoking experience. The Flare All Glass Hookah is a 2 Hose capable hookah that offers a perfect smoking experience for large groups of users. The Flare All Glass Hookah features a cobalt royal blue stem with matching hose ports to create for an incredible Hookah smoking session as this Hookah should be the center piece of any Hookah enthusiasts collection. The design was inspired by Vapor Hookahs using hand blown laboratory grade glass tubing and specially formulated food / pharmaceutical grade taste free hosing. This combination of base scientific materials and craftsmanship delivers the purest smoke possible by preventing any material contaminates from entering the smoke. There are no rubber parts or grommets or non-permanent parts used in product construction. All Vapor Glass Hookahs are designed for functionality, durability and ease of use. The Flare Glass Hookah is stored in a hard style carrying case that contains a security lock combination for comfort and privacy.

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