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Khalil Mamoon

The Ultimate Hookah Junkie Starter Package

  • $ 89.99
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The Ultimate Hookah Junkie starter package.

Everything you need to become a Hookah Junkie!

Khalil Mamoon made with high quality materials that LAST!!.. Pleasure to smoke!. Best seller in hookah lounges..
  • This 24 inch tall hookah pipe features a solid stainless steel shaft (classic Egyptian style, without any decorations).
  • FULL SET (Tongs,KM Hose,KM Tray,KM Vase may vary)
  • Clay Bowl.
  • Height 24 inches

Also Included in the package:

1 Flavor of your choice of Fumari.

1 Pre-cut 50ct Black Diamond Foil.

1 Box  Coal 

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