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Bastard Bowl

Thicc Bowl

  • $ 64.99

Premium THICC Bowl handcrafted hookah bowl, a collaborated creation and design by Terry Antoniades BSTD Bastard Bowls & Kron. Expertly crafted and beautiful to look at, as well as providing a smooth smoke. What more could you want from your Hookah Bowl? 

Each bowl is hand glazed therefore each bowl is 1 of 1 and the bowl colour may differ from the illustration.

  • Premium THICC Bowl handcrafted hookah bowl made from 100% Stoneware Clay.
  • The bowl holds around 13 - 18 grams depending on your packing method.  Suitable for blonde and dark leaf flavours.
  • No bleeding or microfractuers.  
  • Compatible with foil or a heat management device such as the Kaloud Lotus 1+ / AOT Provost 2.
  • Hard wearing and easy to clean.  Do NOT clean with cold water immediately after use. We recommend to always allow your bowl to cool down before cleaning.

We know what your thinking, which bowl is best for me? Only you can decide. This bowl is definitely one to add to your collection. We all need a variety of bowls to choose from for that perfect session. Go on, add this to your collection.

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