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Turbo Dokha

Turbo Dokha Premium

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Turbo Dokha premium is made of top leaves of tobacco that grow under rich sunlight and qualified as pemium quality dokha. Turbo premium dokha is small shreded tobacco with most authentic- pleasent tobacco flavor and it available in 3 categories such as premium-1 (cold, strong buzz), premium-2 (Cold-Warm, Medium buzz) and premium-3 (warm, exceptionally Strong Buzz).

Turbo dokha is natural tobacco that has been farmed without help of machinery and chemical additives. Due to the rich sunshine of Gulf countries, dokha contains high volume of nicotine and gives a strong buzz, therefore only 3 puffs of dokha is enough to get the full smoking satisfaction. Bin Khumery Group categorized the dokha by colors and numbers. Color of the bottle demonstrates the quality and the class of dokha, while number indicates the strength or feeling in the throat such as 1 is cold, 2 is warm and 3 is hot. It is important to note that HOT dokha does not always give a good buzz or cold dokha does not give a less buzz. The blending is combining and mixing over 25 types of Dokha to deliver the final product. The level of buzz depends on the blending or the content of dokha. For instance, the black and premium 1,2,3 dokhas are rather cold (light) in throat and gives a relatively strong buzz. To conclude, pleasant smoking and light feeling is a combination that could describe the exclusive quality tobacco or Turbo dokha.

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