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Tymber War Full Set

  • $ 129.99

Introducing our newest accessory to the hookah market. TYMBER is a premium soft touch silicone hookah hose that is both ghost resistant and kink resistant. If that wasn't enough TYMBER also features a high resistance coil near the aluminum hose port, ensuring your sessions will always have constant airflow no matter what angle you are pulling your hose at. TYMBER is the most unrestricted premium soft touch silicone hose on the market, meaning you will experience a nice open draw for maximum cloud output! Black acrylic tube midsection and food grade nylon inner pieces in the wood sections means that the TYMBER is fully washable and lightweight, weighing in at under 5 oz! No more wrist fatigue! TYMBER comes in two standard sizes (12in) and TymberXL (15in) which both come standard with natural engraved maple wood handle/mouth-tip. Each handle is hand carved from wood by a local artisan here in the USA.  The grain of your natural finish handle may vary slightly due to the unique characteristics between each piece of turned wood. The mouth piece is fitted with a brass mouthpiece and fits most major plastic mouth tips. TYMBER features a modular design, meaning the handle, mouthpiece and tube stem come apart and can be interchanged with different available accessories. You can customize your handle with short, long and even clear tubes and even interchange the standard maple wood handles to Exotic and rare woods from across the globe.

Overall Tymber features a unique look that pairs great with both modern and traditional stems alike! Durable, Customizable, Lightweight, Smooth sessions await. 

- Customizable Exotic mouth and handle Pieces, sold separately. Each month different rare  Exotic woods from around the world will be released in batches to make your handle as unique as you and your setup are!


- When washing handle remove the wood mouth tip and handle as necessary, pat wood dry if wood gets wet wet 

- To interchange and remove wood pieces twist and pull gently 

- (copper instructions only) When washing handle only wash with the wood pieces  (handle and mouth tip) fully connected to the copper tube to complete the seal with rubber o-rings in place

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