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Upgrade Russian Bowls


  • $ 24.99

Upgrade Form is a high-quality bowl made of faience-majolica mass, prepared experimentally for optimal sintering. Well suited for a big company! It has excellent taste transfer and keeps the heat for a long time! The number of holes contributes to an excellent pitch It fits perfectly with Kaloud Lotus and is suitable for all types of pilling and tobacco! Duration of smoking is from 60 to 90 minutes.


The UPG Hookah Bowl: Classic Syrian Shape, Affordable price, made of pottery with no coating. One hour of smoking. Become soaked in tobacco syrup rather fast

  • Height - 95 mm
  • Outer diameter - 82 mm 
  • Internal diameter - 75 mm
  • Depth - 17 mm
  • Hole diameter - 7 mm
  • Number of holes - 7 pcs
  • Cup weight - 260 grams 

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