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Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System

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Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System (H.M.S) Description


The Infinity Bowl brought to you by Vapor Hookahs is the next generation look at what hookah smoking can and should be. Created with the hookah smokers’ desires in mind the Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System compiles all the features necessary to provide the smoothest, cleanest, and most flavorful smoking session. The Infinity Bowl is the very first cube shaped bowl to ever hit the hookah industry. The cube shaped design helps to aid in even heating of the tobacco and eliminate harsh smoke. The stainless steel metal incorporated in the cube shaped design generates a highly durable and positive heat controlled bowl for even heating. The center spire concept frames space for the tobacco juices to reside instead of spilling down the inside of the hookah bowl, creating an extended and more flavorful smoking session. The precisely cut vented heat management system (H.M.S.), controlled by safe to the touch silicone handles, provides an accurate air flow circulation to control the hookah coals to burn in an even and orderly manner. Compartmentalized with two different screens; a standard hookah charcoal screen for the traditional hookah smokers and the separation screen used for directing external air flow for optimum control. This stainless steel cube bowl is wrapped in a dense silicone sleeve to provide easy and safe handling at high temperatures. This durable and strong design is craved by hookah smokers for the most effective and efficient smoking session. The Vapor Hookahs Infinity Bowl is the ultimate all in one H.M.S. for every hookah smoker.

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