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Vulkana Hookah Tobacco 200 Grams

  • $ 19.99

Vulkana Hookah Tobacco. 

Vulkana Hookah Blonde Leaf (a.k.a. Golden Leaf) is a premium modern European tobacco which smokes great in any bowl and set-up. It is handmade in Greece from the finest ingredients while maintaining high flavor and cloud output. Enjoy the best of Greece

Great emphasis is paid to creating natural flavors using only the best natural raw materials. We believe to use the finest ingredients with out any extra chemical or food coloring to our products. Vulkana Hookahs flavorists have the experience, the expertise, the creativity and the inspiration that allow them to create tailor-made hookah tobacco flavors


  • Mastica Magic : Mastica Magic hookah tobacco has a delightful creamy note to it , flavored with mastic gum (mastiha) and aromatic rose water. Both flavors pair well together and are an elegant dessert. Taste like a nice warm baklava fresh out of the oven.
  • Mango Goddess : Vulkana Mango hookah tobacco is just like eating wild and juicy mango’s hand picked from tropical trees, the mango makes your taste buds dance with delight.
  • Double Trouble : Vulkana Hookah Double Apple tobacco is a truly intoxicating flavor. Get a taste of mouth-watering blend of crisp, sweet apples with every puff.
  • Rhodes of Lime : Made with the highest quality ingredients our Flavors are 100% Greek made. Vulkana Hookah has perfectly blended sweet and sour in the form of the lime. We bring the ultimate lime hookah experience complete with the refreshing twist that you best get from fresh picked limes.
  • Mountain Ice : Vulkana Mountain Ice is a smooth, bold peppermint flavor with a lasting sweetness and an icy bite. Not too be confused with mint or spearmint, our Peppermint flavor is stronger and has a more intense minty flavor. Great on its own or with mixes
  • Yia Yias Tsoureki : One of a kind flavor from Vulkana Hookah. Yai Yais Tsoureki. Tsoureki is the traditional Greek Easter bread that’s a deliciously soft, gently sweet yeast bread similar to brioche or challah but with it’s own distinctive flavor. Enjoy the delicious aroma of traditional Easter bread with soft notes of mastic and mahlab. A totally different experience.
  • Bavarian Cream: Vulkana Bavarian Cream. Indulge with this rich vanilla cream flavor. Creamy rich sweet dessert flavor blended with vanilla and whipped cream. Mouthwatering! Bavarian cream has been a sinfully delicious treat for millions throughout the world. We’ve harnessed the creamy custard quality of this guilt
  • Pear-O-Mania: Enjoy the enticing and sweet taste of juicy summer pears captured in our satisfying Vulkana Hoookah Pear flavor. The light and sweet taste delivers a sweet and zesty flavor making it an excellent fruit flavor you can enjoy all day long.
  • Gazoza: Gazoza Vulkana Shisha flavor is the combination of a soft citrus taste just like the carbonate drink you had growing which creates a familiar taste in your mouth that awakens childhood memories. Refreshing, amazing, and traditional! Endless taste of freshness.
  • Watermelon: Bursting with refreshing, mouth-watering flavor, our Watermelon flavor definitely does not disappoint. With its crisp, sweet flavor, our watermelon flavor never fails to satisfy the tongue. As you inhale our sweet Watermelon flavor, the refreshingly cool flavor of fresh watermelon washes over each taste bud. On the exhale, you will enjoy the intense watermelon flavor that your palate craves.

    Yasu Ouzo: Just like the real thing, without the hangover! With Vulkana Hookah yasu ouzo you get Authentic ouzo flavor. Everyone who’s had a Ouzo after eating out in a Greek Restaurant will know how Anise tastes like. Those who like Ouzo will love yasu ouzo and for those who have never tried ouzo this is the best way to get a taste of Greece’s famous ouzo.

    Bravo Cola: A soda pop flavor reminiscent of your favorite gummy cola bottle candies, made even more refreshing. A beautifully sweet and tasty cola flavor. It cannot produce the fizz, but it sure can give you are the flavor punch like gummy cola bottles, you will like this flavor. you can plan on some big fluffy clouds.

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