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Zomo Tobacco World Experience (50 G)

  • $ 4.99

The World Experience line from Zomo Tobacco features seven special mystery flavors that symbolically represent various well known parts of the world. The flavors are named Blue Caribbean, Dry Sahara, Secret of Babylon, Swiss Alpes, Wild Africa, and Tropical Amazon. Smoking these seven mysterious flavors will ignite a fuel of excitement for you to enjoy the sensational wonders of this world. Each flavor is hand selected and rated to be top notch by shisha experts from around the world.

Zomo Tobacco World Experience 50 Gram

Flavor Descriptions :

Secret Of Babylon 

The exotic fruit flavor of this region full of secrets. A refreshing essence that will tell some stories in a balanced and intense flavor. You will taste mixture of honey dew and tropical tastes.

Swiss Alps

The World Experience line presents lovers of good essence, Swiss Alps. An icy sensation of the Swiss Alps into his rosh. Prove this new essence and have the deep experience of that flavor.

Tropical Amazon

This essence contains 8 components of the Amazon that make Tropical Amazon a refreshing sensation of sensation.


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