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Hookah Tree


  • $ 194.99

A hookah made entirely of stainless steel. When fully assembled, it stands at a height of 225mm.

The connection with the base is threaded.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Bowl adapter (conical bowl adapter) 1 piece
  • Tray 1 piece
  • Base 1 piece
  • Plastic ball for the purge valve (6mm) 5 pieces
  • Magnetic hose connector (with tapers) 1 piece
  • Immersion pipe with diffuser (inner diameter 10mm) 1 piece
  • Diffuser closing bushing 1 piece
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece (outer diameter 10mm) 1 piece
  • Glass vase 1 piece

This hookah model boasts a complete stainless steel construction and comes with all the essential components for a satisfying smoking experience.

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