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Zahrah Lounge Hookah (Z99)

  • $ 279.99
  • Regular price $ 449.00

This holy grail of hookahs can't stand on it's own, so included with your purchase is a matte black steel support stand. This solid structure stand is designed around the Zahrah lounge body, so there are no worries about instability or dealing with grommets.

The glass downstem is fitted with a built-in diffuser, so each pull you take disperses the bubbles in your base, leaving you with a quiet and smooth inhale. Each of the connection points of the Lounge hookah are glass on glass connections, ensuring the tightest seal possible for your session. This all glass hookah contains 3 hose ports and 1 purge valve, this allows everyone a chance to pull off some monster clouds without restricting other smokers.

Once you have your astonishing glass hookah in it's support stand, you will need a couple more items to really get smoking. Each lounge hookah is accompanied with a fully washable silicone hose and an all glass bowl. The hoses are created using medical grade silicone, with the use of this material it prevents the chances of flavors attaching to the lining of your hose. These hoses also contain an all glass mouth tip, giving your glass hookah an added visual feature. The glass bowl is designed to function like a phunnel bowl, preventing any excess juices from entering your downstem.



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