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  • $ 369.99

Highlights from the AEON Hookah - Edition 3 - Lounge:

  • Blowing out the smoke from the bowl is done through 5 side holes
  • Minimalist design with a hose connection with cut
  • Few components, perfect for hookah lounges
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Through the closed chamber in the base all the smoke can be blown out of the bowl
  • Smoke column is attached with dip tube
  • Smoke column consists of one part and the shisha can be carried firmly to the smoke column
  • Made in Germany V2A stainless steel component
  • Coarse thread, therefore very tight and fast on and off
  • Low water consumption in the bowl, especially economical for daily shisha bar operation
  • 18/8 Cut at the top of the smoke column for a quick head change incl. Carbon plate

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