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Amy Deluxe

Amy Deluxe Tall Boy

  • $ 549.99


The AMIRS 409 is a real eye-catcher under Shishas.

And not only because of its six connections, but because of its height: With a height of 2m it is the largest water pipe with which people can actually smoke.

In addition to the steel glass bracket, the stainless steel smoke column is something very special. This consists of individual elements that you can combine as you wish and therefore determine the size of the rod itself.

Included with delivery:

• 6x universal adapter made of stainless steel

• 1x aluminum mouthpiece and silicone hose each

• Molasses made of stainless steel

• Hose holder

• two different tobacco cups

Amy Deluxe Tall Boy 

5 feet!

up to 6 hoses

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