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Croc Hookah

  • $ 299.99

About Croc

Crocodile Collection will be indispensable for hookah lovers with its amazing beauty. Applied a thick coat of special and handmade coating to ensure its beauty. Crocodile looks like a Renaissance masterpiece, and you can use it in any place.

It uses a classic in ball system as a diffuser with lock system. Croc has special base crafted by glass artist as a black marble look. Also, seenebale water level with special water line.

Crocodile is one of the rare hookahs in ROS Hookah Series.


  • Classic air flow
  • Extra smooth blow out
  • Base with lock system
  • Base rubber allows customization with other bases
  • 304 stainless steel water pipe, body pipe, and small parts
  • Handcrafted Coating body mix with derlin part
  • Height: 19.5 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds


  • Handmade Turkish clay bowl
  • Handcraft crystal base
  • %100 silicone hose

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