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Evolution Hookahs

Evolution HAMSA 15

  • $ 179.99
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Product Information:

5mm thick glass on glass and a 16" height makes this Hamsa Hookah Design something special for your table top

Enjoy the thick smoke of the finest hand blown glass with the luckiest hamsas ever put on a glass hookah in the world. Evolution hookah never stops trying to raise the bar in hookah creation. Our one of a kind designs mixed with high quality engineering and craftsmenship leave you wondering why you haven't tried Evo sooner.

Key Features:
Lucky Hamsa Hookah Design
Hand Blown
Easy Drag
Full Thick Smoke
Table Top Functionality
Double Glass
Unique Large Designs
One of a Kind Luxury

Parts Included:
Taste Free Fire Resistance Hose
Glass Mouth Tip
Glass Stopper
Glass Charcoal Tray
Glass Bowl
Glass Downstem (may be removable or built in)

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