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Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili Ice Sadaf Hookah 2 door

  • $ 119.99
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When you order you will receive the following: * ice hookah stem * hookah hose * tray * 2 bowles * Fourche Cleaning Kit * Grommet Kit Class, convenience, and the best smoking pleasure are a triple guarantee of the Ice Hookah, which looms at a height of 30 inches. On the physical side of things, this hookah is elegant all throughout.. This hookah comes with an ice bowl, which produces a cooling effect and guarantees a more relaxing brand of smoking pleasure. The alloy base not only helps to maintain the soothing experience, it also makes this hookah easy to carry. With all of these features, the Ice Hookah is one worthwhile buy! Key Features * Stainless steel stem and glass vase beautifully covered with Pearl Seashells. * Wood Handle covered with Pearl Seashells Hookah Hose. * ICE Bowl that keeps the smoke cold for the whole session * This hookah measures 30 inches.

Made In Egypt.

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