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Luna Nova Glass Hookah

  • $ 209.99
  • Regular price $ 229.99

The Luna Nova Glass Hookah includes a built-in ash tray which can also be used as an ice tray. The Nova also includes a shower head diffuser which makes the smoke flavorful and thick. The Luna Nova may be small however like all Luna Hookahs it smokes like a dream without compromising quality or portability.  Luna Hookahs only use top grade glass and thick joints.  The fact that they are smaller than most glass hookahs makes them easy to handle and more durable.
  • Hand Blow Glass
  • Portable Design
  • Shower Head Diffuser
  • Includes Glass Bowl and Purge
  • Comes with Plastic Hookah Hose
  • Can also be used as a 2 hose hookah

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