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Prestige Coals


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The smaller-sized 24 piece package has finally arrived! Prestige Coco Coals is quality hookah charcoal made of 100% natural coconut shell. They are clean burning in a sense that they are odorless, tasteless, and have absolutely no chemical additives. These 2.5 cm cube coals produce great heat and last an extraordinary amount of time; giving you the opportunity to get the most out of your flavored molasses. They have a consistent red glow and never turn off; making it the ideal hookah charcoal for your ultimate satisfaction. Enjoy your sessions the way you deserve them. Try a box of Prestige Coco Coals. You'll be proud you did.

Simple and convenient "no mess" packaging!
Lasts over 1.5 Hrs and doesn't turn off!
Large High Heat Cubes with minimal Ash!
Hookah Lounge Preferred!
Consistent and Evenly Cut Pieces!
Like other natural coals, Prestige Coco Coals are best lit over an open flame or coil burner.

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