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  • $ 37.99

This new product from the Prestige Hookah Brand has everything you need in regards to a hookah hose, plus more.  

CUSTOMIZE your style by matching the color of the hose to the color of any hookah you have with the interchangeable color set! 

Connect your Precision Hose to the "2 into 1" Hookah Hose Connector and you can extend your hose double its length! That's up to 12 feet! 

Inside the hose kit, you'll find:
• 132g, 5.5-inch Handle
• Silicone Tubing
• Anti-kink Spring
• 6 x Interchangeable Colors (Blue, Red, Silver, Gold, Green, Black)
• Resin Mouth Tip
• Prestige Lanyard
• Hookah Hose Connector (Connects Most Silicone Tubes)
• Handbag 

A must-have for any hobbyist.

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