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Hookah John


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The Red Clay Harmony Bowl is where modern meets tradition when it comes to hookah bowls.

Traditionally, hookah bowls were made out of a red clay that comes from the Middle East, India, or China. That clay isn't all that bad, and has been working for generations.

HookahJohn bowls, including the Alien, Harmony, 80feet bowl, and others use a white clay body that is made in the US, hand crafted by Clay Artisans. HookahJohn wanted to bring yet another product to the hookah community and change the materials to bring his modern hookah bowls closer to traditional red clay bowls, yet make them in the US using American red clay.

Many will use the Red Clay Harmony Bowl for one dedicated flavor, but that is not necessary.

As you will notice from the picture, the handle of the bowl is not glazed, for a new appearance, and the outer bowl is glazed for smoothness and color. The inner bowl is not glazed as well for absorption of flavor which is a feature many will like for dedicating a single flavor.

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