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Spyre Forge HMD

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Spyre Forge HMD

There are a few cool facts about it!

  • It is fully metal 3D printed using Sintering Technology out of a material normally seen in aerospace and automotive industries.(Aluminum Alloy)
  •  Its design function is based on the idea of a chiminea, constantly drawing in air from the front to keep air moving inside the HMD.
  • Due to the shape of the design and some of the finer details it is only capable of being produced using printing technology as casting would not pick up the finer details, and CNCing would require much higher cost 5 axis milling.
  • I'm not positive on this one, but I think at least the Aluminum version will be the lightest weight HMS on the market. Though I haven't openly gone around with a scale to verify that fact. (They weigh approximately 3oz)


About the process:

It is a little bit difficult to explain so the general aspect production uses an ultra fine metallic powder which is applied in thin layers approximately .01mm high and blasted with a laser in a similar approach to that of a laser cutter. This is done in a hermetically sealed chamber over and over again until the part is completed, each Forge is glass blasted, and cleaned to remove excess powder. This form of printing removes waste and enables design principles that would normally be a non option for traditional manufacturing.



Forge Product Description:


Utilizing Aerospace, Medical and Automotive 3D sintering technology, the Spyre Forge is an  lightweight Aluminum Alloy Metal 3D Printed heat management system. Based on maximizing the efficiency of the thermodynamic concept of air circulation.


The Forge utilizes a side port, this side port and vertical exhaust to allow for a continual flow of air to move in and around the heating chamber. Thus maintaining heat, and reducing black out of coals. With the higher efficiency rate of heat the Forge maintains the same quality of smoke with a lower amount of coals.



The body is 73mm in diameter fitting the general standard of a large format bowl, with a 65mm in diameter lip, designed to work with and without foil. The inner chamber will allow for 27mm coals and the entire unit sits 41.6mm tall.

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