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Tymber - Exotic/Sapphire Collection Handle Accessory Se

  • $ 179.99

Sapphire is our  polymer resin based handle set, they are more resistant to the elements than wood and provide a marble like gloss finish that will stand the test of time. Pure luxury!

Exotics are in one of kind exotic and tropical woods flown from across the globe to accessorize your Tymber Hose Handle as well as various Dymondwoods. Set includes wood handle and wood mouthpiece. No two wood grains are alike ensuring you have a exotic wood handle you can call your very own. Purchase multiple sets and you can mix and match your favorite handles and mouthpieces to make your very own one of kind hookah hose handle. Get them quick, who knows when that special wood variety may be available again!

Fusions are the newest in our lineup and are our Sapphire and Exotic fused together. One of the most timely and carefully prepared offerings in our product lineup we are proud to offer them here.  

 Each piece is uniquely handmade so items may vary from what is pictured 


-Pat dry when wet

-When switching out pieces twist and pull off/on slowly 

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